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Invisible Cartoons debut album "Characters" is a musical explosion of joy and exuberance, music you can’t help but want to dance to.

"Fight With Monsters"

On their self titled album Fight With Monsters uses thoughtful songwriting to hit you hard with musical hooks and surprises. Progressive indie rock at its best

Instructional Songs for Quality Living

Chris Darby's 2015 release is an inspired and uplifting album recorded in a single 9 hour session. Musicians include Andru Bemis and Charles Murphy.

Opt Out (EP)

On their latest release Facing Winter brings you intense, melodic, rock accented by progressive and psychedelic influences.

Upcoming Shows

"Jackson Pollock" - Invisible Cartoons

Dancers of all types join forces in Invisible Cartoons' newest music video.

[Director: Chris Shern; Producer: Chris Shern]


"Who Do" - Invisible Cartoons

Invisible Cartoons dares you not to smile while watching this catchy throwback.

[Director: Chris Shern; Camera: Jose A. Villalobos]

"Vote Batman" - Fight With Monsters

Strobe lights and smashing phones! Why not take a moment to "Vote Batman"?

[Director: Michael Pottle]

"Darkest Days" - Chris Darby

Stuffed animals tell the story in Chris Darby's single "Darkest Days"

[Director: Chris Darby; Producer: Chris Darby]

"A Catastrophic Atmosphere" - Invisible Cartoons

Invisible Cartoons performs "A Catastrophic Atmosphere" live and acoustic for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.

[Director: Chris Shern; Producer: Chris Shern]

"Western Sky" - Steph Yeager

Steph Yeager's foot-stomping single "Western Sky".

[Director: Chris Shern; Producer: Taylor Miller]

"October" - Facing Winter

It’s zombies vs. Facing Winter in this bizarre adventure where music and table tennis grant respect, and frisbees are deadly.

[Director: Chad Headley; Producer: Chris Shern]

"Treebridge" - Facing Winter

An intimate live performance of Facing Winter at their best.

[Director: Chris Darby; Producer: Chris Darby]

"The Phantom's Shroud" - Facing Winter

Facing Winter covered this song for a tribute album, “Them Damn Kids: A Retrospective Performed By Friends”.

[Director: Chris Shern; Producer: Taylor Miller]

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Invisible Cartoons

Fight With Monsters

Fight With Monsters

Campfire Sessions

Steph Yeager

Opt Out

Facing Winter

Gifts from Gravity

Psychedelic indie-folk from West Chicago, IL

Seas Drain Into Space

Facing Winter

Cabin Songs

Chris Darby

Road Songs

Chris Darby

Who Do (single)

Invisible Cartoons

The Man With One Leg

Mildly Intoxicated

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